Wheelhouse Code of Conduct

At Wheelhouse we have adopted standards for the quality and safety of the products we sell, and we are committed to assuring that the manufacturing processes respect the rights of individuals and protect the environment. We will work to assure compliance with all applicable laws, and we will conduct business in an ethical, responsible manner. We expect the same commitment from all businesses that provide us products as primary manufacturers or component subcontractors. We also expect those suppliers to implement procedures to ensure continual compliance and upon mutual agreement will open their factories and records for audits by our company's staff or qualified third-party organizations.

Wheelhouse Environmental Policy

At Wheelhouse Promotions and Events we believe everyone plays an important role in protecting and caring for our planet.  We celebrate and promote those in the manufacturing supply chain who have made considerable efforts to mitigate their carbon footprint in production and who are offering products that are safe, green, reusable, and meet all government safety laws and regulations. Furthermore, each supplier partner doing business with us, must review and acknowledge the PPAI Code of Conduct and the Wheelhouse Environmental Policy Partner Agreement.

Wheelhouse Environmental Policy Partner Agreement

Wheelhouse Environmental Policy Partner Agreement:  To our best knowledge, we conduct business and manufacturing (when applicable), to minimize adverse impact.  We abide by all applicable environmental laws and regulations.  We manage our environmental footprint to minimize the adverse impact on the environment. We aim to manage our production processes, energy and water usage, and waste systems for maximum efficiency and minimal adverse impact on the environment.

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